A perfect marriage between Nature and the Hand of Man

Lake, waterfalls and river at La Forge

In the village of Montolieu (15 minutes from Carcasssonne), La Forge de Montolieu is a former industrial site of 16 ha. which had in succession Napoleon's forge, mills and spinning mills. On site, a large private and fenced park of 16 ha, featuring riverside and lake views & walking trails allows for a relaxing return to nature.

The splendid Douglas pine classified as "Remarkable Tree of France" welcomes any being of passage with the benevolence and the secular memory of the one who dominates quietly for so many years at the edge of the river.

Mansion, cottages and unusual homes make up the range of possibilities of your stay. The table is renowned; you can at La Forge, sleep well, eat well, play, read, relax, think, work, learn, garden, observe nature, meet or isolate yourself from the world.

The hosts, Charles Cowen, photographer, landscape gardener and musician and Laure, bookseller welcome their guests warmly, in a relaxed and family atmosphere.

la forge de montolieu


la forge de montolieu The rooms

3 comfortable, bright and spacious rooms overlooking the park, waterfalls, the river or the classified Douglas Pine - in the old industrial building converted into a late 19th century castle.

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la forge de montolieu 3 stars

The Magniola, La Maisonnette, le Cèdre in the middle of the park are at the disposal of those who love independence and cook for themselves according to their schedules and local products.

la forge de montolieu


la forge de montolieu Return to nature

A Cocoon Tree, tent hanging in the trees and a Tiny House, a miniature wooden house on wheels, by the private lake of La Forge for nature lovers and starry nights.


The domain of La Forge de Montolieu is not equipped according to technical standards for accessibility for people with mobility disabilities.

Contact us for more details on the place’s configuration.


Up to 18 beds divided into 12 rooms, a table of about thirty guests; The Forge welcomes families, groups of friends or work, business seminars.

The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation, inspiration, speech; time passes by differently, the multiplicity of the place seduces. On request, we can help you decide the best possible configurations of the rooms to fit your budget and group’s needs to enjoy the property.
Meals can be provided by La Forge.


The good products and the good meals are in La Forge but also everywhere, from the bar to the star-studded restaurant by way of markets and craftsmen / local traders, the distributors of fresh and organic products, the cooking classes ...

The suppliers of La Forge are local: farmer or fruit farmer, breeder, miller, dairy, cheese, beekeeper ...
La Forge proposes, upon reservation lunches and dinners for its table d'hôtes - a single menu for the same table - adapting to the number of guests.


Discover the region on foot, bike, kayak, car ...
Observe the fauna and flora ... Explore caves ...
Playing sports, Playing, Meditating ...
Read, Draw, Create, Work. Everything is possible.
Charles and Laure willingly play their role as advisors in personalized tourism for your visit.

la forge de montolieu


Two annual Sunday open houses: Rendez-vous at the Garden in June and Heritage Days in September with invited exhibitors. Also: dinner-concerts, shows mounted and played on site, book signings, reading aloud ... Depending on the meetings and talents of those around.

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At La Forge, you never get bored :

You can bask in the sun, reading on your deckchair, stroll in the park, swim in the river or lake, kayak on the lake, play petanque or chess, write your thesis, lunch at the water's edge, disappear in your room …

la forge de montolieu


The Friends of La Forge de Montolieu association brings together individuals and institutions wishing to participate in the life and renovation of this unique former industrial site. Their talents, ideas, hands and funds are invaluable as La Forge is full of projects to carry out.

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la forge de montolieu
la forge de montolieu
la forge de montolieu
la forge de montolieu