la forge de montolieu

La Forge de Montolieu


Method of payment, bank charges :

We accept payments in cash, by check or by credit card in euros on French and foreign banks (in the event of a transfer from abroad, the transfer costs are the responsibility of the customer).

Days of arrival :

Every day for guest rooms, unusual and lodgings, with a minimum of 2 days (7 days in summer) for the two lodgings Le Magnolia and La Maisonnette.

Timetable :

Arrival times: 4 p.m., unless agreed in advance otherwise. Departure time: 12h. for the rooms, unusual and Le Cèdre - 10am. for Le Magnolia and La Maisonnette.

The tourist tax is to add :

Collected then donated to Carcassonne Agglo; see on their site the prices per night and per adult.

Deposit / lease agreement, for gîtes only :

A deposit is required for any stay in a lodge (Le Cèdre, Le Magnolia and La Maisonnette) of at least 6 days in summer.

Cancellation fees :

• For guest rooms: 100% of the planned stay if canceled on one day of the planned arrival, or if no show (no show).

• For gîtes and unusual: There will be no refund of the deposit for any stay in a gîte canceled less than 7 days before the date of arrival.

100% of the reservation is due in the event of cancellation 24 hours or less before the scheduled arrival date - or no-show (no-show) / 50% of the reservation is due if cancellation between 2 and 7 days before the expected arrival.


Maison d’hôtes, gîtes et insolites

• As soon as the host arrives, he agrees to respect the internal regulations of La Forge de Montolieu.

• The park of La forge de Montolieu is for the reserved use of the residents of La Forge, to the exclusion therefore of any other person. The walk in the park is free, nevertheless respect the signs and banners of land marking which indicate dangerous or delicate places, or the properties of the neighbors of La Forge de Montolieu.

• The park is protected, respect nature, plantations and old stone constructions.

• The comfort of the house is not adapted to that of people with reduced mobility.

• Minor children are the responsibility of their parents or accompanying persons; they must always be accompanied by an adult when they are near the lake or the river or any water point.

• The animals of our guests are not accepted under any circumstances.

• Non-smoking house and park, ashtrays are available and essential for smoking outside (those of the lodges and unusual ones have a cover to close after depositing the cigarette butt: risk of fire, hygiene).

• In guesthouse bedrooms: block windows if you open them using antique irons on either side of each window. They snap easily and the tiles are old and fragile. In the event of deterioration, the objects placed for decoration or on display and sale in the "hosts" area are the responsibility of the hosts.

• Plancha are made available to the lodgings (Maisonette, Magnolia) in order to be able to enjoy the pleasure of grilling in summer while avoiding the barbecue and its risk of fire.

• The private sanitation of the gîtes (Cèdre, Maisonnette and Magnolia) are particularly sensitive and fragile micro-purification stations for each. Those of the large guest house and unusual dwellings are classic septic tanks. The use of cleaning products containing toxic products (chlorine (bleach), ammonia, soda, etc.) is strictly prohibited in the pipes of lodges and unusual dwellings - use only biodegradable products certified as compliant with septic tanks. Also prohibited are sanitary napkin wipes, self-"dissolving" toilet paper rolls and other solid waste that can be dumped in a toilet. Use the small bins provided in all toilets for this solid waste.

• The recycling of household waste resulting from the rental of the lodgings is the responsibility of the hosts (simple procedure and explained on site).


The management of SARL La Forge de Montolieu as well as all members of the management, employees, disclaims all responsibilities relating to activities in the countryside.
In this discharge agreement, the expression "outdoor activities" includes, but is not limited to: hiking, rock climbing, swimming in the river bed or in the lake or any other watercourse, as well as any activity, service and use of the facilities provided, arranged or organized by the lessor, including accommodation.
Each person is free to move around and fully assumes the aforesaid risks, dangers and obstacles as well as the possibility of bodily injury, death, material damage, or any loss arising from the foregoing. All expenses related to evacuation, or unforeseen first aid or emergency will be the responsibility of the customers and will not be the responsibility of the owners).
The host waives any recourse against the owner or his insurer following a loss of any nature whatsoever causing bodily or material damage.
La Forge de Montolieu cannot be held responsible for any loss or breakage of personal property belonging to its guests during their stay.