Action at La Forge

Life and renovation

Les Amis de La Forge de Montolieu association brings together individuals and institutions wishing to participate in the life and renovation of this unique former industrial site.

Their talents, ideas, hands and funds are invaluable as La Forge is full of projects to carry out.

The Friends of La Forge de Montolieu

Created in 2019, the very young association allows individuals or legal entities to participate in projects to restore and beautify the heritage site of La Forge.

The ideas, skills and resources of each other are thus added to those of the current owners so that sustainable, sensible and quality actions can be carried out here.

The association will also allow the establishment of links with other associations, public or institutions which will lead to the reception and the realization of projects which could not materialize in a private setting.

Here are the first projects:

- The restoration of the 19th stable (fish scale roof and facade) which announces the mansion;

- Rehabilitation (in installments) of the turbine and the entire old irrigation and water flow system on the 16ha property, between its overhanging plateau and the river on 800m of banks;

- The creation and installation of historical markers in the park;

- An inaugural event when gatherings are possible, on a cultural theme and in tribute to Nature and history of the place.

Here is the purpose of the association, as written in the articles of association :

1. Safeguarding and protection of the historical, cultural and industrial heritage of La Forge de Montolieu; Inventory, preservation and enhancement of the flora and fauna of the La Forge site, in Montolieu; Work / experiences that respect the ecology and local biodiversity;

2. Organization of cultural and artistic events;

3. The enhancement of the work of local artisans or producers;

4. Welcoming the public in seminars or training as part of retreats, internships, volunteer projects, artist residencies ...

Here is the amount of contributions and the contacts of the association, in order to join or participate by donations :

• Individuals: entry fee: € 25, benefactor member: € 100, patron: € 250

• Legal persons: benefactor member: € 250; sponsor: € 1,000.

The owners of La Forge de Montolieu are members of the board of directors but are not part of the association's office.

Association law 1091 n ° W111008308, domiciled with Charles Cowen, at 676, chemin de La Forge - 11170 Montolieu. Phone: 04 68 76 60 53.