Discovery of the magic of the domain of La Forge

Laure and Charles Cowen
put all their energy and soul into the restoration and maintenance of "their Forge" so that it recovers its former splendor.

They provide their guests with an extraordinary building surrounded by a park which spreads in hemicycle on 16 hectares along a river named La Dure.

La Forge offers a thousand possibilities to spend your time in a varied and pleasant way.

Outside, enjoying the 16-hectare park. or inside the main house and lodgings :

- Exploration of the park, discovery of the fauna and flora, observation of the stars.

- Jogging, walks, swimming or kayaking in the lake, walks in the bed of the river, swimming or fishing (no kill).

- Yoga / meditation type relaxation

- Drawing / painting, music, photography

- Reading, writing

- Drinks, meals, digestion, nap !

- Petanque, croquet, badminton, horseshoes

- Board games (all ages), puzzles

- Creative work in groups or alone

- Social life around meals, meetings, unrestrained conversations around various and unpredictable topics.